Advanced Courses

Advanced Courses at Cal


7th and 8th Grade Advanced Courses at Cal

We look forward to challenging you and continuing to further your academic growth with our high standards. California Middle School offers Advanced Courses that are designed to start your child on the track for Advanced Placement courses that are offered in high school in order to prepare students for college. Fostering these skills in middle school assures your students are on the path to success!

Advanced courses are available in Math, Science, Language Arts and History in both 7th and 8th  grade.  District-wide, Advanced Courses will replace GATE classes at the Middle School level.

Starting this Spring, SCUSD will universally screen 6th grade students for Advanced Course placement in middle school. See the following letter that was sent to SCUSD 6th grade families about Advanced Courses at the middle grade level.

Additionally, to recommend a student for any of the advanced middle school courses, please submit the online Recommendation Form by May 31, 2024 at:

Parent Letter for Advanced Course Placements