Beginning Sewing


Teacher: Mrs. Hankins
Course Length: Full year
Grade: 7th or 8th

Requirements: Please submit Elective Selection Online Form by 5/28/21. This elective course will provide students with beginning sewing skills to practice and enhance techniques related to hand sewing as well as machine sewing. Areas of study will include learning different stitch techniques for various purposes, the operation of a sewing machine, as well as basics related to ironing and laundry care. This course is still under development, so additional learning activities will depend heavily on student interest and background experience. It is the goal of our program to help students make connections to other academic content areas whenever possible, especially in mathematics (calculating and measuring). Students will be assigned Portfolio components each quarter which must be completed and mastered within the schedule outlined in class, therefore students will need to demonstrate a strong work ethic and initiative to be independent learners. Students will be expected to collaborate and help others as they share materials and work towards completing similar assignments with individual options.