Buy your Cal Cookbook & Calendar TODAY!


Cal Middle Cookbooks AND Art Calendars are available for pre-order! 

Looking for the perfect gift for your child, parent, neighbor, friend, or family member? Order a Cal Middle Cookbook and/or Calendar today! Cookbooks and Calendars are available for $12 each OR 2/$20 and will be available to go home before Winter Break on December 23rd. Please consider purchasing a cookbook or calendar to help support our Culinary Arts & Home Economics AND Cal Middle Art Program. Thank you! Due by Thursday, December 1st.  Please copy and paste the following text into an email to Ms. Hankins OR print it and turn it in at the front office.

Student Name: ________________________________

Class: _________________ Period: _________

______ Yes! I would like to purchase _________ cookbook(s) and/or ___________ calendar(s). 

Note: each multiple copy is $10 each – if you’d like to purchase multiple copies of the cookbooks or calendars, they are $10 each. If you’d like to purchase different combinations – that’s fine too! 

Enclosed is CASH or CHECK (circle one) in the amount of _______________. Checks payable to California Middle School. . 

______ Please give my order to ____________________________________ (Student full name) to come home OR ______ I will pick up my order from the Front Office.