Next Generation Science Standards


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Science Department Grading Scale and Policy



I could say…


Letter Grade


Fully Accomplishes the Purpose of the Task

The student completes all of a task in a correct manner and clearly demonstrates with mastery they understand the goal of the task, and were able to explain their understanding of the task with details beyond the requirements. The student demonstrates advanced application/analysis when the opportunity exists. 

“I showed that I understood the lesson and I could give this artifact to a novice who could learn the content from it.”




A -


Accomplishes the Purpose of the Task

The student completes all of a task and their answers show they understand concepts and are demonstrating progress toward mastery.

“I showed that I understood the lesson and all the necessary details.”




B -


Partially Accomplishes the Purpose of the Task

The student completes most of a task correctly demonstrating some mastery but does not demonstrate a full understanding of the entire task.  One or two important ideas may have been left out. The student may require teacher intervention to have success.

“I showed that I understood many parts of the lesson but there are still some important details I’m missing.”




Approaching the Purpose of the Task

The student’s work does not demonstrate that they can successfully complete a task and provides more incorrect responses than correct responses. The student needs more instruction/practice to demonstrate proficiency.

“I thought I showed that I understood the lesson but I clearly did not.”




No Evidence/Effort

The student demonstrates a lack of understanding of subject/grade level skills and content; or the student has shown insufficient evidence to determine understanding of skills and content due, in part, to missing work.

 “I didn’t show that I understood the lesson at all. I may not have done anything at all.”



“Tasks” are defined every time a student is expected to do something. For example: participation, classwork, assessments, projects. Some tasks will have a more specific rubric. 

The letter grades on Infinite Campus will NOT be accurate during the quarter but the percentages will. Refer to this page to determine the letter grade earned. Letter grades will be manually modified in Infinite Campus for progress and quarter grade reports. 

Task assignment – Tasks are assigned both in-person and online via Google Classroom/Clever

Task submission – Tasks must be submitted by the due date. If an assignment is turned in late, students cannot score higher than B, unless the absence is excused by the front office. 

Task revision – When a task is returned and the score is lower than the B-range, a student may revise and resubmit to potentially earn up to a B. 

Cheating policy – Cheating cheats you out of your own education. Cheating doesn’t help you learn, and we are here to learn. The minimum punishment will be a zero or an alternative task.